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The Truth about Lump Sum Payments

Posted on June 28, 2011 by Patriot Settlement

Do you need a lump sum payment instead of monthly installments? Are you annoyed by the fact that you receive monthly installments instead of one lump sum payment for your lottery award or structured settlement? Don’t let administration stand in the way of what is owed to you! Patriot Settlement: helping you get your lump sum payment Patriot Settlement... Continue reading ⇒

Understanding Settlement Funding

Posted on June 27, 2008 by Patriot Settlement

Understanding settlement funding: why sell your annuity? There are many reasons why you might choose to sell your annuity or structured settlement payments: perhaps because you want to purchase a house, start a business, or because you want to pay off debts, or even because you want to pay for your education. Essentially, selling your annuity payments gives you access to... Continue reading ⇒