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Has your life insurance outlived its original purpose?

Are the premiums becoming a burden?

Are you thinking about letting it go, or surrendering it for its cash value?

Life insurance is one of the most widely held investments in this country. But sometimes, the reasons for keeping a policy change — the death of a beneficiary, retirement of a key employee, divorce, changing financial circumstances, or simply a desire to travel or enjoy life more fully.

If you qualify, you may be able to turn that old policy into cash — far more cash than the surrender value of the policy. Cash to enjoy the rest of your life, to take care of medical expenses, replace expensive coverage with a more cost effective alternative or buy long-term health insurance. Cash, for whatever you want or need.

Life Insurance is considered to be personal property and may be acquired or liquidated just like real estate, stocks or bonds. If you presently own a life insurance policy, you have the ability to transfer all your interest in that policy to a third party for a cash consideration.If your policy is not meeting projected values or premium requirements leave the possibility of a policy lapse, why not exchange that asset before you lose it! A Life Settlement transaction provides policy owners with immediate cash alternative for a policy that will soon have no value through surrender or lapse.What types of insurance qualifies? Whole life, Universal Life, Variable Life, Survivorship/Joint First To Die, and Adjustable Life are just some examples of the types of policies that may be acquired. The face value minimum of the policy must be $100,000 with a company rating of B+ or higher. The policy insured should be 70 years or older, although we will also consider any life policy where the insured is living with a serious illness.

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For more information or to discuss your policy with one of our experienced professionals, contact us toll free at 1.866.506.CASH (2274).