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Patriot offers opportunities for investors. These investments currently provide outstanding annualized returns depending on the specific payment stream and the maturity date. These payment streams, derived from structured settlements, are paid under annuities issued by “A” rated life insurance companies. Generally, payment recipients, or Payees, exchange their rights to future payments for a discounted payment.

Patriot acquires the payment rights subject to the approval of the Payee’s state court. The court order obtained by Patriot directs the Insurance Company to make the transferred payments to the investor. Through this process, the Investor will receive the payment stream directly from the Insurance Company.

You, the investor, will deal only with Patriot. Patriot will file all required paperwork to comply with the federal and state statutes, including due diligence to assure you the payments are free of any liens or encumbrances.

Payment streams purchased through Patriot offer higher rates of return than otherwise available from banks, treasury bonds or other fixed income investments. The return is fixed throughout the term of the payment stream acquired by the investor.

Once a structured settlement payment stream is redirected via court order to Patriot’s designated assignee, and the annuity issuer and obligor have acknowledged it will comply with the order, the only risk of not receiving payments is associated with the payment making ability of the insurance company.

Give us a call: 1.866.506.CASH (2274). We are ready to discuss the exciting investment opportunity. We will explain the process and give you the information you need.

Disclaimer: No securities regulatory authority has expressed an opinion about these annuities. it is an offence to claim otherwise. IRC 5891 Annuities are only offered for sale in the united States and are exempt from registration with U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Each prospective investor should be aware of their risk tolerance and consult his or her own counsel, accountant, and business advisor as to the legal, tax and related consequences of a purchase by him or her of any asset. No tax advice has been nor is beign rendered by PSR, LLC, any of its officers, directors, managing agents, employees, affiliates, or subsidiaries. IRS rules of practice require us to inform you that any description or discussion of taxation contained in this correspondence related to a federal tax issue is not intended or written by PSR, LLC to be used, and cannot be used by any taxpayer for the purpose of avoiding any tax penalties imposed by the internal revenue service, or for promoting, marketing or recommending any tax related matters addressed herein.