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What are the tax consequences of selling payments?

Though we cannot offer tax advice, the Internal Revenue Service has issued a private ruling which confirmed that an individual’s sale of structured settlement payments would not create a taxable transaction. H.R.2884 confirms this ruling.

How will I be paid?

Check or Wire Transfer. You make the election.

How do we get started?

Call us toll free at
1.866.506.CASH (2274)
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Is it legal to sell my structured settlement payments?

Yes. Although there may be language in your settlement agreement which states you cannot assign or accelerate the payments, numerous court cases have supported the right of annuitants to assign the rights to future payments.

Why do annuitants sell their future payments?

There are several reasons for a person to sell their payments.  Business opportunities, purchasing a home for a growing family, medical emergencies, pay off high interest debt, or any financial emergency requiring additional funds that may not otherwise be available as a result of poor credit.

How much will I receive for my future payments?

The value of your future payments depends on many variables, such as the amount and due date of the payment; the risk the issuer may not make the future payment, and the current interest rates. Patriot will get you the best value available for the payments you choose to sell.

How long will it take to receive my money?

This a court mandated process and many factors affect the time to complete the transaction. The industry standard is sixty to ninety days. While we have no control over court calendars, your cooperation in submitting documents in a timely manner will help avoid delays in funding this transaction.

Will I have to pay any expenses to complete the sale?

There are no hidden fees or charges. We process all of your paperwork in-house and will expedite all documents via courier service to you free of charge.  We will also provide you with an attorney in YOUR state, who will represent your case in court, free of charge.  Your only expense may be for independent legal or financial advice, should you need or chose to have your transaction reviewed by an independent attorney.